J.S. Barry Development Expertise

JS Barry Development offers complete in-house development services including Acquisition, Planning, Permitting, and Project Management. With our experience and expertise, we find opportunity and solutions for maximum return.

Site Acquisition
We are a strong and stable company with a proven track record of successfully managing projects from acquisition to completion. We have the financial resources through private investment and banking relationships to acquire sites of any size in any economic environment.

Planning and Design
We are a one-stop resource for property owners planning land use or re-development of an existing building or complex. All planning (conceptual, site design, engineering, and architectural) is produced in-house — conveniently, efficiently, and economically.

With our reputation for excellence and integrity, JS Barry projects are welcomed by the municipalities in which we do business. Often, the Company will meet with city or town planners in the earliest stages to discuss which solutions might work best within the community. Owner, John Barry represents all projects directly and personally — not through an attorney or third party. He attends all boards, hearings, and public forums.

Non-performing Asset Evaluations.
JS Barry has experience in Bank OREO in non-performaning asset evaluation and work outs. We provide lenders with full analysis, re-use options, and proposed strategies for minimizing the liabilities and improving asset values.

"In my dealings with John I've found him to be both extremely
knowledgeable in the many aspects involved in complex multi-unit
residential construction projects, and very detailed in his planning and execution. He has demonstrated an ability to take complicated issues and systematically break them down into the steps and process needed for resolution. His involvement with a gut-renovation of a nursing home
into 30 residential units that included indoor parking was completed on schedule and budget; always a rare occurrence!"

Richard M. Costa
Sr. Vice President & Chief Loan Officer - Mt. Washington Bank

Project Management
John Barry and Construction Manager Richard Troland have more than 50 years combined experience in all phases of project management. From contracting, site work, and utilities, to construction, finish work, and landscaping, JS Barry can manage any project (and circumstance) through a successful completion.